Friday, February 19, 2016

Kim Hakes: New Words Following An Old Crime

The Corvallis Gazette-Times published a lengthy article on February 14, 2016 about Kim Hakes. As
of this date, no one has posted a comment in response to that article. Nobody. The citizens of Corvallis have reacted to the story of Kim Hake's unsolved murder with silence. Nothing more.

The people in the article who dismissed a lot of what has been said since Kim's death as "rumors"
may be doing more harm than good. The way I see it, a door open to communication is a door
open. Why would they want it any other way...hmmm?


I recorded the following video message on February 21 of  last year:

The disgraceful attitude that some people in Corvallis have toward the death of one homeless woman totally disappoints me. While a small snitch won't offer up information about Kimberly Hake's killer...a strong hero will.

Sometimes, doing the right thing requires courage.

I have heard a great deal about Kim since her death. Some of the stories are good and some are bad. Who Kim was or wasn't doesn't change the fact that she didn't deserve to die like she did.

When I walked across the bridge that spans the river in Corvallis recently (it was early morning and very few homies even knew that I was there)I thought about Kim.

Someday, I hope justice will come and you will finally rest in peace, my Sister.

[ NOTE TO MY READERS: Kim Hakes was found murdered on the morning of February 15, 2015. The mystery remains unsolved and her killer is still free...and will perhaps kill again. I received the following two anonymous comments today...almost a year to the day after Kim's death. I am including them here with no editing whatsoever ] :

why have the CPD purposely mislaid valuable evidence to this murder?a pair of shoes and wood mallet covered in blood?delivered by a good Samaritan w mutual friends of people responsible for the murder?why was the main suspect who btw the bloody shoes belonged to given a most lenient sentence on his robbery w a knife?could it be because he did cooperate w cpd?how could the cops not find the cowards responsible would give up their own mother to avoid a week in do you explain the detective never questioned the cremation of the body of a homicide victim?homicides can be solved by later exhuming the body for evidence missed on initial investigation. I believe the cops don't want this case solved theres a Benton county police informant and other dirty laundry the police don't want made public about the # of people involved a this brutal slaying that happened a year the gazzete Times the police said they have interviewed hundreds of people. They made an announcement to the homeless crowd that gathers at the first Christian church downtown.give me a break I've seen the first 48 those cops twist arms and put the screws to people and they bring the heat!the cops don't want to solve this murder or they would have to admit one of their own informants was involved and they don't think its important. Well thats messed up!that was a mom of 4 kiss all grown would you feel if it was your mom?Kim has a lot of friends and I'm going to keep her memory alive w lights across the downtown riverfront aka ground zero of where her body was discarded like trash,to remember her murder is still unsolved and the people responsible for this gross act are going to do this again to another vulnerable homeless woman just a matter of time.I could really vomit over what I know ,i just want justice for Kim hakes and her family by blood or adopted otherwise.and to prevent future killings by these thugs


Ask the police who did it? Better yet why not the lead detective

I would very much like to know the identity of the person or persons who sent these comments to
me. Your comments deserve a signature or at least a more detailed explanation of your allegations. I
am not accepting your words as truth or fiction...yet. It is just very obvious that you have much more
that you really want to say about the murder of Kim Hakes.

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Teanna said...

thank you writing this and keeping the word out about Kim. I wish you well in your travels, Im a volunteer at CDDC and had to take sometime off for heath resone and did not get to wish you well. Peace and love from Corvallis