Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Maybe You Need The Light To Dawn

Tonight I am sitting in a room in a large, rambling house. Today, the room was given to me along with a bathroom with a full-sized tub and separate shower.

I have been adopted by an older couple and their dog.

This is a tiny community that is situated in a rural area...in the northwestern section of Oregon.

I have arrived.

Soon I will have a microwave and a compact refrigerator in here. I obviously already have Wi-Fi. And this is where I will begin again. And pay rent. And catch up on my sleep. And write my book.

When I feel the need to visit the ocean again, I will go. When I feel the need to share prayers at
the church or trade gossip at the local grocery store, I will.

Reality hit me this evening: I am finally going to get to do what I've wanted to do for so long.

I have a story to tell. Let it begin here, Oh thank you, God...It's going to begin here.

"Are you going away/with no word of farewell/will there be not a trace left behind?/well, you could have done so much better/but you chose to lose your mind/and now peace is something that you will never, ever find."

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