Thursday, February 11, 2016

Oregon Protesters: Take Your Steps With Pride



They're dirty and tired and probably hungry and cold, too.  It's no fun camping out in
the sagebrush for so many days that it feels like forever. But that's what the last four
protesters have done.

But now the curtain is beginning to fall on the final act. The show's ending and it's
time to face the consequences of your very foolish actions.

So take your cue from LaVoy and don't do anything stupid. Just put down your
weapons, follow directions and bravely step into the next phase of your life.

You don't have to fall down face first in the snow...not if you don't want to. But that
choice is yours now...consider your options carefully.

Ignore David Fry. He's nothing but an idiot hothead that's running his mouth at every
media opportunity. There is nothing romantic about dying in a hail of gunfire, gang. So
if Fry wants to go that route, fine...but the rest of you don't have to do it, too.

May God's peace be with you. I don't agree with what you've done so far but I wish
you well.

May you walk out of this situation today with your weapons down and your heads up.
If you want to be a class act, here's your chance. Take your steps with courage while
the whole world is watching.

Go for it. Live.

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