Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ruthie On The Road, Update

                                          DAFFODIL PHOTO/ADDITIONAL DESIGN
                                          EDITS BY RUTH RADER

I am off the road, right now and working on a little project. That is why I have been quiet
for the past week.

Oh, I've been out in public but I don't think that anyone has recognized me. I'm a little too far
from Corvallis and way up north of Lebanon.

I've been hanging out with a group of country folks who collect their mail at a structure that
is smaller than the bathroom building in a rest area.

The house that I am in is an old and sprawling bungalow.  My room is at one end of the broad
expanse of comfortable furniture, antiques and hardwood floors. The owners sleep at the other
end of the house with their fur ball mutt named "Muffin."

The house has two full bathrooms and mine has an old tub that is totally separate from the
shower. I have enjoyed my fragrant bubble baths, thank you very much.

The house has a front porch that includes a swing. A fence runs all the way around the yard
which is huge and filled with violets, daffodils and trees with twisted limbs.

There is no snow here. The temperature reached 68 degrees the other day. It is still cool enough
at night to keep the heat on but my bed is covered with a bundle of quilts and blankets.

I take four pills a day, walk with a wheeler and don't have the muscle structure or physical
stamina that I used to. But I love listening to The Beatles ("You say goodbye/I say hello...")
on Microsoft Groove on my laptop. The Wi-Fi here at the house is first-rate.

I probably won't stay here for very long but tonight I'm just going to hang loose and enjoy
what I have. And really, isn't that what we all should do?

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