Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The Miracle Of Being Me

                               PHOTOS/EDITS BY RUTH RADER


I have been listening to the militia rant...on media websites, on Internet radio, in
court and among the cattle. And I have decided that they are a very selfish, misguided
group of people who don't care about anyone's agenda...but their own.

Oh how they howl like coyotes as they command and demand. They are so loud that
they haven't ever really heard me. And I am not the only one that their selective ears
have automatically tuned out.

But oh, how they clamor for attention!

I don't want to belong to their club. I don't want to bow down to their Idiotic Idol. I
don't want to sacrifice the freedom that I still have...for a sip of their collective crackpot
koolaid. NO!!

I don't breathe life's air while asking their permission. And I never will!


I have own that I was given on the day that I was born and I carry with me
as a permanent promise.

That militia bandies about the Constitution like it's their charter to carve up in any way that
they please. But the Constitution was drawn up for me, too. I won't attach Ammon Bundy's
delusions of grandeur to it. No I won't. And not the militia's mental mirages, either.

They say that the land out there by Burns, Oregon should be given back "to the People."  I
don't believe it was ever taken away...unless you ask a certain Native American tribe. If anyone
has any claim to ownership...they do.

After that, I wonder if all the talk about land rights is actually limited to what will serve the
militia's own purpose...and nobody elses. If I walked out among the sagebrush and tumbleweed
and shoved a staff attached to my own the long would the militia "allow"
me to remain there?

How long, indeed?

See, I don't want to pull on camo pants, get a tattoo and pierce my conscience. I don't want to be
a political puppet on Poppa Cliven's sick little string. The greedy old coot that isn't fooling
anybody who has an ounce of savvy parked in their brain.

And I don't care how much the militia rapes and pillages Cabela's and Dick's Sporting Goods. I
don't care how many pickup trucks they line up on the road. They can pile up enough guns to
rival a Mexican drug cartel and it still won't change the facts. And the facts are: The City of
Burns, Harney County and highway 20 already belong to the people. The laws surrounding that
ownership are enforced by the The Harney County Sheriff's Office, The City of Burns Police,
The Oregon State Police and in certain cases by The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

No, I will never be one of the militia minions.

That's part of the miracle of being me.

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