Monday, February 08, 2016

What We're Looking For

There is a very real possibility that I will be moving into a house soon. I am in a very quiet and quite
out-of-the-way community now. I am not off the grid but I am silently working on getting settled.

I am going to start writing my book and concentrating part of my time on the Kyron Richard Horman missing child case. Yes, Kyron is on my mind again.

And I am convinced that he is alive and knows full well who he is. I think that someone is hiding him for Terri. Or it may be that Terri moved to Sacramento, California to be closer to where Kyron actually is right now.

The odd thing is that I have a very strong vibe about Kyron and have had it ever since I came here. I
can't shake it. So I wonder if Kyron was near this area, at some point, after he disappeared.

We are all looking for something in life: A missing boy, a way home...answers to
many mystical questions. Truly, life is one big search. Either set out on your own
or get in line and follow the leader.

Crossing bridges to reach the other side of the truth.

And carrying hope down to the end of the day.

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