Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Mere Commodity

                               PHOTOS/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

"It's a business and she has the right to say yes or no" sniffed the in-name-only "case manager." And that was when I realized that I am only a mere commodity in his eyes...nothing more.

I took it upon myself to get housing and ended up striking out...twice. I answered deeply personal questions, completed some forms and signed others, fielded phone calls, traded emails and kept a determined attitude. But in the end, I was refused. I even sent email to the State of Oregon that was summarily blown-off. And now I can say, with the proof scattered around me like clods of mud: It's not my fault that I am homeless.

The shelters have offered me nothing but grief in the guise of females who refuse to be grown women. They ravage their lungs with cigarettes and then hack up the payback all night long. They're bitter, spiteful, small-minded and stupid. They would never consider a team effort like tiny houses in Los Angeles to be a worthwhile endeavor.

So Oregon has a homeless problem?

Well, what is being done to resolve it?



Oh yeah?

Where's my home?

If Oregon can't find me decent, affordable housing then they surely won't get 1,000 more people their own

See you on the side of the road, tonight.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should leave Oregon for a state that has more to offer you as far as housing assistance, subsidized apartments? Which is the most helpful state? I know you love the ocean. That's understandable. Remembering you in my prayers. Also have some friends and a prayer group at my church praying for you and all who are homeless and precariously housed.

Ruth Rader said...

Please read my next post (as soon as it's published) which includes my response to your comment. Thank you.