Saturday, March 19, 2016

Housing: Hoping Again

I am in a housing holding pattern, right now. I met with the guru lady yesterday and she is
determined to help me in every way that she can. We talked to a number of people who are part of
the "get Ruthie in the best housing situation" network. She even talked on the phone with my

Everyone is in agreement that I really do need to go home. But I will have to go through an
assessment to become 100% eligible for what we are aiming for. That moment of truth will
arrive this coming week.

If it all works out alright, my next move will be a glorious step forward.

In other words, I will finally go home...for real and for good.

I will update you soon. Until then...pray.


Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you. My heart goes out to you. Where I live we have nice subsidized mostly senior apartments, free transportation to medical appointments, and an active senior center. The apartments are clean and well managed. Residents have leases and most comply with the rules. Every now and then someone gets evicted, but that is quite rare. The only one I know of just treated the apartment like a giant garbage can. He got asked to leave. I hope you find a nice place to call home, a place to take bubble baths every day, a place to write your book. A safe place. God Bless.

Ruth Rader said...

Thank you for your nice comment. And I am encouraged by your kind words. The most astounding thing about this is the reality of how much money is actually floating around out there...bearing the label: "For Housing."

I will be such a good tenant when I get my own home. I already know that. "Homeless" is such an unfair distinction. I abhor it.

There are many people who live in conventional homes who get drunk, high and ultimately stupid. I see that reality and it just breaks my heart.

No one who sincerely cares should ever be denied decent, safe and affordable housing because of foolish barriers.

The older people in this Country deserve better than some of them are getting.
The U.S.A. should be ashamed of how it is treating (pardon my gender bias) its
single, homeless women.

On the whole...that treatment is disgraceful.