Monday, March 21, 2016

Ruthie On The Road, Update

A friend of mine is on a plane right now...winging her way from Oregon to Texas. I will see her
on Thursday. She is a professional and dedicated to helping me get into decent housing. My cardiologist and my primary care physician are right beside her in agreement.

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In the midst of the red tape, it is very gratifying to know that I have what my friend referred to as "an army" on my side.

Convicts have a cell with a bed and meals, showers and clean clothes provided. Immigrants are now
living upstairs and downstairs in nicely designed apartments in nearby Washington State. Substance
abusers enjoy meals together in a dining room and then go back to their private rooms to read a
book. Seniors with walkers as tricked-out as mine, shuffle up and down the halls in spacious retirement homes.

Meanwhile, I get to sleep next to women who I swear are vying for "Tuberculin Star of The Year."
They gross me out with their smoking and their "I'm losing my marbles along with my brain cells"
thought process.

I should be in my own home right now. And I am going to be. Mine.

I look forward to seeing how many people it takes to finally get the job done.

There are three things that I am looking forward to: Summer, moving into my own home and
watching Donald Jerkoff Trump crash and burn in his own karma.


Thank you to everyone who is encouraging me. And I pity the one fool that isn't.


Anonymous said...

It's looking good! Keep your spirits up, Ruthie. There is a real light at the end of the tunnel!

Ruth Rader said...

Thank you for your encouraging, smiley words.

I am trying very hard to "hang in there" right now.

Thursday will be the day when many things are
decided. Hopefully everything will be decided in my

Prayers are portals to miracles. Please include yours.*