Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Right Way to Easter

                                PHOTO/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

There is always a wrong and a right way to do something. This past week included true
examples of both.

Last night, after a day filled with a lot of alienation and very little conversation...I started
chatting with a volunteer lady at the shelter. It was nice to socialize with her suburban humor
and listen to the curve of her faded East Coast accent.

Someone put a movie in but we ignored it. And then it happened, all at once and in one fell
swoop. A woman who works on the shelter staff put her head between us, like a rusted knife and
rudely cut our connection.

In one malicious vocal stab, she asked, "Are you going to talk or watch the movie?"

And then she made it very clear that she didn't care one bit about my feelings. She just wanted
to dig in another reminder that she considers me to be a second class human being with no
valuable feelings.

The woman and I looked at each other and I went to bed and felt the sting of yet another
disappointment that should have never happened.

This morning, I wheeled myself up to the library, pulled my wheeler out of the rain,
covered myself with my peace blanket and feel asleep.

When the library finally opened, I pushed my wheeler toward the doors and my wheeler's
left front wheel fell off. A kind man then lay right down on the cold, wet concrete and fixed
the wheel. He did it automatically with no hesitation.

What a guy!

I didn't get up to my intended destination the other day. But I will tomorrow. The trip will
happen because someone took money out of her own pocket and paid for it. I wanted to
spend part of Easter there and now I will. The nice part about it is that I will be able to enjoy
another journey along the beautiful Oregon coastline. I always love to see the Pacific Ocean!

Yesterday a woman stopped on the sidewalk to talk with me. She let me pet her dogs and
then she smiled, introduced herself and shook my hand. Before she walked away again, she
said that she would put me on her personal prayer list.

Now, with a road trip waiting to take me to a better place tomorrow...I sincerely believe
that she did pray for me.

And wasn't that the right thing to do?

Have a Happy Easter, everyone.*

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