Saturday, April 02, 2016

And Where Would I Go?

                                               PHOTOS/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

THE SECOND COMMENT: Perhaps you should leave Oregon for a state that has more to offer you as far as housing assistance, subsidized apartments? Which is the most helpful state? I know you love the ocean. That's understandable. Remembering you in my prayers. Also have some friends and a prayer group at my church praying for you and all who are homeless and precariously housed.

MY RESPONSE: So you think that if I just wander off,  I will eventually find the Housing
Holy Land? Well, gosh darnit, I must be going blind because I've spent the past 24 years traveling
around North America and I still haven't found it yet!

There is no "most helpful" State. It doesn't exist. The lack of decent, safe and affordable housing
is a major problem nationwide. There is no Wizard (Donald Trump could care less if I live or die
on the street) and there is no mecca for me, anywhere.


But there are churches. Yes, (say "Hallelujah!") and they are available everywhere. But when
will I be able to step inside one of those buildings, sit down in a pew, kick off my shoes and take
a nap?

How about rolling a tiny house into the parking lot? Or pitching a tent on the back lawn?


But yeah, I'll pray for me.

Well, gee...right now that makes me feel so much better.

And now... let us all bow our heads and listen to this song again.


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