Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Wind Beneath My Wings

                                          PHOTO OF ME WITH "MAJOR TOM"

They are two halves of a beautiful whole: The man that I call "Major Tom" and the woman
who will be known here as Nancy.

                                          PHOTO OF ME WITH NANCY

Nancy was the one who spoke to me first. She shared her good heart immediately
when she asked me how I was doing. "Terrible" was my response. And then Nancy,
being the kind and caring person that she is, asked me why.

She and her husband, the effervescent man of God, were out for an evening stroll in
tiny Rufus, Oregon. I was sitting in my wheeler in front of a closed café. And in
retrospect, I am convinced that God planned the whole thing.

In the wink of a spiritual eye, everything changed. I sat in front of a motel room with
a key in my hand. Smiling people, like angels, surrounded me as Nancy and "Major
Tom" called out to God.

The next day, we went to Walmart where they bought me a very nice sleeping bag
(that was later ripped-off by a yuppie driver and his snooty girlfriend). I never even got
the chance to sleep in it.

We ate at Shari's, celebrating our newfound friendship and then drove for miles to
another tiny town in Washington State known as Dixie. That's where the above-featured
photos were taken before we said our goodbyes.

I miss them both so much. And one of the reasons why is because they are both so close
to God. And they live in Alaska.

I sat on the stone steps that led up to an ancient high school building and watched their
vehicle fade from view. Silence wrapped itself around me in the next few minutes. And I
cried. All at once and without any warning...tears dropped into the dust around my feet.

I have no other explanation for it other than the fact that Nancy and "Major Tom" had a
profound effect on me. I have a feeling that they always will.

Since we parted ways, we have communicated and prayed via cell phone and email. "This
is Major Tom to Ground Control..."

And Nancy has proven herself to be the female friend that I am sure that I could say
anything to. She rocks and "Major Tom" rolls.

I have been thinking that it is time for me to fly like an eagle. And I know that if I do...
Nancy, "Major Tom" and God will be the wind beneath my wings.

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Unknown said...

Ruthie this is Dalton Smith from Missoula MT! I hope you're doing well! You're so amazing! God bless!