Saturday, June 18, 2016

Because I Dream American

                                                    PHOTO TAKEN AT THE BEGINNING
                                                    OF THE JOURNEY

                                                         PHOTO TAKEN AT THE END
                                                         OF THE JOURNEY

It has been quite a journey. And it was very disappointing to reach the end of it while sitting in
a bus shelter all night. 

That isn't what should have happened at all. Not at all. But it did. For all of the wrong reasons.

It is my contention that no woman, especially one that is 60 years of age, should ever be forced
to sit outside in a bus shelter all night.

I've said this before and I will write this out again: My presence on the side of  a road with my
thumb out, at this stage of my life, represents the failure of the eldercare system in this Country.

When it appears that there are more church buildings (that are oftentimes more empty than they
are full) in the United States than there is available affordable housing...something is woefully

There is a solution but there is also selfishness across this Nation.

Our current presidential candidates are worth (Hillary Clinton: $31.3 million) (Donald Trump:
between $5.18 and $10 billion dollars) Source:

Are either of those individuals donating significant amounts of cash to building affordable
housing for the lines of homeless people in America that need them?


So when I sat in that bus shelter last night...and watched the cops patrol the empty streets...
do you think that I pledged my vote to either one of them?

Absolutely not.

But they both should care whether or not I move into my own home. Both of them should
care about the quality of my life. I don't give a damn about the tower that bears Donald
Trump's name. Nor do I give a damn about what Hillary Clinton plans to do in the White

I care about having my own home...with a mailbox attached to it that belongs to me.

I don't need an oversized monument to prove who I am. I simply require a residence that
includes running water, a sewer line, heat, electricity and a strong, reliable Wi-Fi signal.

I don't want to walk into an all-night gas station and hear the guy behind the counter tell
me that I can only spend 20 minutes in "his" store. I don't want to cringe every time that a
group of guys walks by me on the street. I don't want to fall into a fitful sleep while I'm sitting in my
walker wheeler.

I want to go home to the home that belongs to me.

I want a home because I dream American.

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