Sunday, June 26, 2016

Rolling With The Rednecks

                                           PHOTO/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

The first part of this post was composed on and before June 22, 2016. And my words are
directed at a private party. Everyone else just read along. As for you who will recognize
my references my words very slowwwwly.. And maybe you'll figure it all out,
you idiots:

Today was all about rolling with the rednecks. Yes, it was.

Muddin', marijuana, makin' bets and marking territory with the same political ideology
that has flourished in Oregon for years. And with an earful of Shelton and Currington and my
belly full of BBQ mind is now cruising at a nice, mellow altitude.

And I can only hope that my upcoming phone call to someone in Salem will bring a hammer
down hard on those who deserve it. How dare they try to manipulate me that way! Oh, how I
want my words of warning to resound in their ears.

I will not explain what I am referring to...but I know that those who are directly involved...
won't need an explanation. No they won't.

I was brought into...and by the Grace of God walked out of ...a backwoods, Outlaw mentality
that people in this State should be ashamed of. And I will tell you all now, I am not one bit
intimidated by it. On the contrary, I am rightfully disgusted with it.

And it did my heart good, today, to hear another local share his observations and opinions with
me. Those Outlaws really aren't fooling anybody...except themselves. And they are about
to find out what that means.

Don't you even try to threaten me, you fools. Silence me? The hell you will. What you send out
will circle around and slap you right in the face. Muzzle yourself down. You've been hanging
around all of those dogs for a little bit too long.


Anonymous said...

Why do you keep roaming around? It sounds terribly dangerous. What are you looking for? Why did you start doing this? Why have you kept going from place to place? I don't understand. I heard about your blog, haven't read much of it yet but I will. How did you lose your last home? Do you tell your history in this blog? I wonder about hitch hikers. I always thought they had homes but just not cars. I saw a group of three hitch hiking the other day. I'd be scared to pick up a hitch hiker. Everyone has a gun these days. Don't you get scared? Thanks for answering my questions, if you do.

Ruth Rader said...

If you saw the answers bound in a book on a shelf in a store...would you buy it?

Anonymous said...

I would if I could get in for my Nook. I carry hundreds of books in my backpack!