Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Take Ruthie Home

I sat on a steel bench in a partially enclosed bus shelter last night, wrapped in blankets and
felt the cold wind as it blew into my face. And the thought that kept running through my mind
was: "I should be home right now. This shouldn't be happening."

    I have discussed my situation with many people...friends from all walks of life...and everyone
    believes the same thing: I. MUST. GO. HOME.

    There is money out there. I receive a paltry pittance of that pile every month. And that
    makes no sense in the long range scheme of things. When a certain State decided to grant me
    the money in the first place...it did so with the intention of offering help. That's all fine and
    good except that the way they are doing it is all wrong: It's too little at one time to really make
    a permanent difference in my life.

    I receive roughly $9,000 a year that is distributed to me in small increments every month. That
    kind of cash, in one lump sum per year, would really give me something to work with. Since
    the State is going to give me the money, anyway...why don't I get in one shot at the beginning
    of each year?

    I would be totally willing to work with an ethical and reasonable representative of the State and
    make sure that the financial allocation would be spent in my best interest. I don't mean that I
    would allow someone else to spend my money...absolutely not. I have had a long-standing
    checking account for a reason. I don't need a money master, I need someone to be my financial
    partner with the State.

    Once a year, we could break the amount of money down into a budget and then send everyone
    what they need on my behalf. Then we could figure in money for clothing, transportation and
    my phone. It's not rocket science...my idea just makes sense!

    I'm not the only one who wishes this idea was put into practice. Most of my medical needs are
    already covered and so is some of my food. I figure that if I put some time into a local food
    bank, on a regular basis, then I could probably increase the amount in my personal larder.

    Say I live another ten years (according to my physician, that's about what I have left). If  I
    do, the amount of money that the State will provide to me during that time will be close to

    Why not take a hard look at that possibility and give me a housing grant?

     Stop paying me to sleep in a bus shelter.

     I don't need a rack in a new homeless shelter, either...I need a home.

     Ruth Rader


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