Monday, July 25, 2016

Will My Country Have A Future?

                                BACKGROUND PRISM PHOTO/ADDITIONAL EDITS
                                BY RUTH RADER

(I originally posted the following comment on a media website)
What a mess. The shenanigans at these two conventions is starting to make me feel like a vulnerable citizen in the middle of a poitical divorce. I mean, where's Jerry Springer with his infamous bell?

I believe that both Trump and Clinton should be ashamed of themselves. I really do.

You know who I wish that I could vote for?

Someone who really gives an honest darn about the survival and success of this Country. Someone who has no secret bones rattling in a closet. Someone who lives to brighten the corner where they are. Someone who doesn't have an arsenal of bad agendas. Someone who believes that kindness matters and mean people suck. Someone who doesn't hang their leadership ability on vile insults and/or how many endorsements they can trot out on a convention stage in one afternoon.

I feel sorry for my Country now because there doesn't seem to be a mature, decent or strong American left in the presidential candidate wings. At the end of the day, there are just more and more wrongway headlines. What a mess. (Sigh...shaking my head). Geez.

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