Thursday, July 21, 2016

Jerika's Dance Into Heaven


My following comment was originally posted this morning on a media website:

Jerika... I read about you this morning from out here in Oregon. And I understand why you want to dance down the free path to Heaven. I applaud your wise and courageous decision to go home to God.

Honey, if you are ready then be at peace and dance your last dance here. And when you cross over, know that all of His loving mercy...will be there to meet you. Yes, He will.

I know God, too. He has made Himself known to me so many times in my own life. I often tell those who ask me if I believe in God that yes, I do...because He believes in me. I have some amazing stories about how God has revealed Himself to me and I bet that you have some amazing stories, too.

Honey...if you are ready...then dance...twirl...pirouette...and release yourself to the very essence of your soul's existence. Embrace the music...Jerika...for surely your song is not is only just beginning.


Grandma~rella said...

Been following you long time, Ruthie. THIS, by my very most favorite, beautifully written, emotion packed blog entry of all time I've read from you!! THANK YOU!! <3

Ruth Rader said...

Thank you. So you're from're from that city
where Terri Moulton used to hang out. God gave me the words to write
and Jerika was my inspiration. She is also my hero.