Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Miss Ugly Alabama American

I read your statement and I wish that someone was able to strip you of your citizenship and put you on a boat pointed toward Antarctica. My father was a police officer and a very good man. You have no concept of how to be a proud patriot, much less a decent human being. That is because you are truly an ugly American. The garbage inside your head has corrupted your heart and put putrid prejudice inside your soul. When you called that monster, who stooped so low, that he shot a good man point-blank in the back...a "martyr"...you gave up your right to remain here. A brand new baby girl was born yesterday...she is innocent and beautiful...and she will probably do an excellent job of taking your place. My Country will move on...I suggest that you do the same. And don't let the Stars and Stripes hit you on the way out.

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