Thursday, July 28, 2016

To North Korea's Fat Fool



To Kim Porkbelly...

So you want to send us a hydrogen bomb?

How would you like to swallow some bad bacteria?

This side would just love to turn your insides into a batch of burning pork rinds.

You can threaten us all that you want to but know this:

One strike from us will make you wish you were already dead. And
United States will take your entire peninsula and beyond...along
with you.

No one in your corner of the world will be left alive to remember
your name. And nobody in this Country will care.

My words may sound cold and cruel...but North Americans are
natural born fighters. And we plan to remain alive and continue
arguing about who should own a gun, whose life matters, why we
should love the cops and who should be the next one to lead this
great Nation.

Our issues are own business. If you stick your hardware in then
I guarantee you will learn the true definition of the word "separation."

In other words:

당신은 당신의 엉덩이 걷어 받을 거 야, 당신이 뚱뚱한 멍 청 한 놈!

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