Monday, August 08, 2016

Better Ed Than Dead

I have a list of people that I keep an eye on in the media. One of them, of course, is the
infamous Mr. Ed. This morning when I ran a search for Snowden stories, I found out that
a group of people thought that Ed was dead. As I scanned the headlines and the comments,
I was taken back to the day that John Lennon died.

For many of us, it took that entire day for the truth to sink in. It really did. It was tough for
many fans to realize that someone as wild, talented and dynamic as John just fell down and
died. Fate snapped a finger and Lennon was just another body, crumpled and bleeding on
the New York City pavement.

Some of us were stunned and many more of us were heartbroken...still clinging to the
remnants of denial and disbelief.

That was an awful day in 1980, Ed. And I remember thinking that there were many songs
that I would never get to hear. On that day...all that could have been died with a man who
had become an icon, a lost soul and a creative creature reborn...only to die in a senseless

So when I read the words today that you might be gone, too...I felt sick and remembered
how it felt to be hit with the news of John Lennon's death...back when I was the tender age
of twenty-five.

There is a great deal of insanity that is spinning on twisted paths now. And like it or not, represent the part of the population that is still anchored in what really matters. You're
a guy with brains and guts that's grounded in everything Superman but without (thank God)
the cape.

It would be goddamned horrible if you died now, Ed. I know it sounds selfish, but we need you
alive right now, Snowman...kicking computer ass and taking names. You are the mightiest
geek that many of us know. You rock, Ed...even on your worst days.

I suppose it is a great deal to lay on you...but I believe that you are on this Earth right now to
help make people think. No matter if you are on video, or a big screen in an auditorium, or
zipping around like iRobot...what you do makes a very positive impact. It matters, Ed and
that's something that I will never say to the likes of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Take care, Ed and once again I would like to apologize for my Country's bad behavior toward
you. Many of us really would like you to return. If we had our way, you would be on CNN...
scaring the crap out of the Republicans and the Democrats with your straight line common
sense. You would be going to sleep tonight in the United States...near your friends and your
family...instead of half a world away.

President Obama should pardon you. But then, how do you "pardon" someone who never did
did anything wrong to begin with?

Ed, I know that if you stood on a stage, the letters behind you would not spell out Trump. No.
The letters standing tall behind you would spell out the word "TRUTH." Not just for yourself
but for everyone.

Welcome to the rest of your life, Ed Snowden. Thank you for sharing parts of it with the rest
of us. You will always be an American to me.


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