Tuesday, August 23, 2016



I am staying in Eastern Oregon now. I have been here for almost two months. I have my own space,
I pay rent and I am working steadily on a novel.

There is a cat that lives on the property here and his name is, appropriately: Cat. Don't try to get his attention by calling out, "Here kitty, kitty." He'll just flick his tail and saunter off in his loose,
lion-like gait.

Cat's been neutered but don't tell him that. He wears his balls on the inside.

Cat is feral...sort of. He lives outside. He stalks his prey, hunching down on
his belly and when the right moment comes, he runs like a cheetah through the
Serengeti dust. He eats what he kills. Then he climbs up on an elevated perch
and glares as if to say, "You wanna make something of it?"

Cat rules his territory and considers himself to be king. The only king. He demands first
rights to everything and smacks the other cats with his paw to keep them in line. Cat flops
down to sleep wherever he wants to and thinks that litter boxes are for sissies.

Like me, Cat can fall asleep just about anywhere.

His long tail reminds me of a Pacific Northwestern cougar.

In the evening, Cat slips into the garage. But he doesn't stay there all night.

Eventually, he pads back out and prowls around the homestead...keeping an eye on his kingdom.

  While I relax in my humble abode.

And that's the story of me and Cat.


Moureen Conyers said...

I'm so very happy for you that you have your own space!

Ruth Rader said...

Hey Mou...when I read your comment here I smiled. I have no idea what I will do when the Springtime returns here. I am only here for the winter months. Then I will leave around May 2017. I couldn't take another Summer here. It is just too hot, arid and dry for me.

I hope that you are settled safely for the winter. May God bless us both in the coming year.