Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Danny Fitzpatrick: The Names On His Note


The funeral mass for Danny Fitzpatrick will be held at 11 a.m.Wednesday at the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, 981 Castleton Ave., in West Brighton, Staten Island, New York.

Anthony, John, Marco, Jose and Jack. That's how young Danny Fitzpatrick listed the names of the
boys who bullied him to death. And as some media outlets are choosing to redact and block out those names, I am not. I am going to bring them out, front and center, right where they belong.
No one protected Danny from those boys. And I am not going to protect those boys now.

I think that someone should get those bullies together, sit them down and give them a serious
dose of reality. I wish that I could ask them what they think was on Danny's mind as he wrote their
names down. All of those boys should know that their names will be forever
linked to a suicide note written by a defeated young boy with a totally broken heart. That is a terrible
cross that they will now have to bear.

And if those boys believe that someday they will be able to blow off God...they are going to be in for a
terrible surprise.

I believe every word that Danny wrote. He was preparing for the day that he would walk upstairs and end his life. And he
wanted the opportunity to share the truth...something that he never...in almost fourteen years...got the
chance to do. And so, he found a quiet place somewhere...took out a pen...put it on lined notebook
paper...and he wrote.

And the one person that Danny praised for trying to help him at school is Ms. Alexa D'Alora. I wonder now how she felt when she saw her own name written out in Danny Fitzpatrick's thirteen-
year-old scrawl. It looks like Danny wanted to thank Ms. D'Alora for her efforts to stop the
bullying. "She was the nicest teacher ever, she understood."

In my opinion, I feel that Ms. D'Alora should continue to do the right thing in this situation. Her
words/actions had an impact on Danny Fitzpatrick. Perhaps she could take action and share her
words with everyone who is involved in operating that school. And maybe she should sit down
with the parents and the entire student body...and speak her mind once more.

I don't believe that this is the time for Ms. Alexa D'Alora to hide. God didn't inspire Danny to
include her name for no reason. Think about it, Ms. D'Alora. Danny could have limited the names
in his note to everyone who "did him wrong." But he didn't. He included you. And in doing so,
Danny passed the baton of  "standing up for what is right and fair" to you. Yes, he did.

                                          SCREEN GRAB/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

"This is my son!" Danny's father cried as he held up a photo of his namesake. For over
eighteen minutes, Dan Fitzpatrick (Senior) ran through the most gut-wrenching range
of emotions that I have ever seen on a real-life video. His name is not included on  his
son's note. But it is obvious that those two had a very strong bond. In fact, Dan Fitzpatrick
declared that he was wearing his son's shoes and would continue to wear them for the rest
of his life. He said that he wants Danny (who won't need them in Heaven) to know that Dad
will always walk in his shoes. He is promising empathy and I am betting that it won't end
there. Dan Fitzpatrick won't walk away from his son's grave and just forget. No. Standing in
his son's shoes, with the money from the GO FUND ME  page...I believe that Dan Fitzpatrick
will do everything he can to help stop bullying. Period. (At this time, the page has the following
statistics: Money raised--$117,013. Shares--9.8K. Donations Per Person: 3,175.)

One last name is included in Danny's note: Mrs. Rosemarie McGoldrick, the Principal of  Holy
Angels Catholic Academy. And when Daniel Fitzpatrick wrote her name, he declared that she
"didn't do anything" to help Danny. And the boy who would eventually tie a belt around his
neck and take his last breath in a lonely attic, wanted everyone to know what she didn't care.

She didn't care and I really don't think that she cares now. Everything that I read on the many
media sites that carried the story, has convinced me that the woman only wanted Danny to
go away. To her, Danny Fitzpatrick was a problem that she wanted to wash her hands of. The
school only initiated the steps that it took in order to legally cover its bases and motivate
Danny's parents to remove him from the school. It seems to me that the "Holy Angels" (a
total misnomer in this case) tried a little bit of bullying of their own.

And yet...and yet...the Academy website includes the following words: "Our students develop a positive life outlook and self image through the teaching that all people are worthy of respect and are special in the eyes of God."

Well, Mrs. McGoldrick, in the midst of all of those people...where did Daniel Joseph Fitzpatrick


                               DANNY'S FAMILY

I would like to end this post with a suggestion: I think a statue of  Danny should be built and
placed, along with a plaque that tells his story, right in front of the Holy Angels Catholic Academy.
Or better yet, place it indoors where every student will see it...every day that they attend class...
at that Academy...from now on.

Danny started the project to raise awareness. Now it's up to those who loved him (and love him,
still) to finish the job.

Rest In Peace, young man. You didn't die in vain. And may we all learn something from what
has happened here.

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