Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Donald Trump: It's Too Late


I posted the following comment on a media website this morning:

If someone asked Donald Trump to create a video titled "This Is America"...I wonder what the video would
include. It is obvious to me now that Trump is done. And the only way for the Republican Party to truly save
face is to ask Donald to voluntarily drop out of the race.

More and more people are beginning to realize that
the Republicans have a real nutjob on their hands. Something needs to be done with Trump and pretty darn quick.
Of course, when the Republicans took on the brash bigmouth with a billion in his pocket...they thought that
they had just struck political gold. But such was not to be. Now, they are beginning to understand what Trump
will bring to the next administration (and to our Country) and they don't want it.

It was funny in the beginning
but now that the election is this close to the wire, the bigoted buffoon isn't funny anymore. I sincerely hope that
the Republican Party does the right thing and convinces Donald Trump to voluntarily step down.

There is no
way to "fix" Trump now. In the words of the singer/songwriter Carole King: "It's too late,, it's too

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