Saturday, August 06, 2016

I Won't Vote

(I posted the following words on a media website this morning)

I am so fed up with Trumplethinskin. And I am disappointed that the Republican Party can't get its collective cajones together and boot that idiot out. I mean, the train is going to go off the rails...somebody please put on the brakes! There must be a way of taking him off the roster other than waiting for him to leave (yeah, right) voluntarily.

                                ADDITIONAL EDITS BY RUTH RADER

You know what? I hope that people stay away from the polls in droves this November. I really do. The American People need to send a clear message straight up the ladder. Many citizens have no faith or confidence in Trump (oh hell no!) or Clinton, anymore. Nope. Far too much dirty laundry has been dragged out that apparenty belongs to both candidates. Now many Americans just can't take the stink of that much corruption, anymore.

If it is ever proven that the Clintons did some very nefarious, unethical and just plain bad things to get back in the White House, I will condemn them for being as UnAmerican as I see Donald J. Trump now.

I won't vote this November. I am totally serious. I cannot, in good conscience, put my mark on either candidate. Not after what has been discovered, divulged and otherwise dug up. And to say that I am disillusioned would be an understatement. But at least I am being honest...which is more than I can say for Trump or Clinton now. ~~SIGH~~

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