Friday, August 12, 2016

Pennsylvania: Cheating Trump?

                                          IT'S THE SAME WAY OVER HERE, ED.


Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen...he went there...again. Please read the article (above) and don't
forget to get out your gag rag. Because Donald Trumpsycho has done it again...and it's sickening.

Mr. Dedicated-To-Being-A-Dumbass roared into little Altoona (a small town city with a penchant
for adoring trains) and declared: "Republican leaders in (Pennsylvania) "are very concerned" about the possibility of cheating -- adding that "we have to call up law enforcement, and we have to have the sheriffs and the police chiefs and everybody watching."

Everybody watching???  Well, la-tee-dah-dah. So is Donald Just-As-Stupid-As-It-Gets Trump
implying that the State of Pennsylvania is rife with dishonest voters who just live for the
opportunity to blindside a ballot count?


And does Trump really believe that most Pennsylvanians, if they realized that voter fraud was
going on, would just casually look the other way?

I can just see a group of Altoonans, sitting in that old coffee shop on the corner, mouths agape
while they stare at the TV screen.


If there is a State in our Union that has the market cornered on home grown ethics, it's
Pennsylvania. I doubt that the people of the Keystone State
appreciate having their good voting sense referred to as "cheating." And I'm darn sure that
Pennsylvania can exercise their right to choose without the presence of a badged baby sitter.

To infer that Pennsylvania is damned with widespread dishonesty is an insult to the great people
that I have met there.

So what does Trump plan to do...send his thugs out to psychologically strong-arm the
citizens into choosing him...or else?

And what will Donald J. Trump do in November, send a posse of gangsters to key polling
precincts across the Country?

He might as well have declared that: "People in Pennsylvania will cheat if you don't watch
them really close...they're sneaky bastahds. Ms. Clinton's point spread is a lie and you know
that you can't trust the average votah to make the right decision. I know what the truth is
but many, many Pennsylvanians don't."

More crickets.

And as the walls of sanctimony continue to crumble around him, who will Trump finally blame
for his defeat?

Certainly not himself. No matter whose State he's standing in.

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