Monday, August 29, 2016

Rain: A Magical Miracle


There has not been a drop of rain in this area since July 10. We are now under a Red Flag Warning, And all I want for my birthday on September 10 is a big, rousing storm. A deluge with explosive
thunder and a hard, driving rain.

But it won't happen.

In fact, according to the National Weather Service, I might not see any measurable precipitation
here until late October.

This climate is taking its toll on my psyche. It has required some mental adjustment.

I plan to visit the Corvallis area in October to enjoy the Fall colors and remember what it's like
to live in a rain plain. Then I will come back here with the sincere hope that I will bring
the rain back with me.

The smoke wound its blue and gray appendages through the dusty air yesterday. High heat and
the poor air quality made that uncomfortable situation even worse. The afternoon temperature has
been hovering in the high 90's for weeks now. I prefer the cool, conditioned and filtered air in my

Please pray for rain for Ruthie. Do a rain dance and point the hydro-spirits in my direction.

I am asking for a magical miracle.

The only green areas are where the hose or the artificial irrigation hits on a regular basis. Cat likes to
take his nap near the only green grass around here.

While the only flowers left, wait bravely in the shade...for rain.

And the apples, fallen too early...slowly sink into the dust.

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