Sunday, September 18, 2016

Edward Snowden: For Whatever Reason

                                ADDITIONAL EDITS BY RUTH RADER

"It's preposterous on its face. For many reasons," says Inglis. "That a deputy director would reach down to a contractor — who's performing an important but relatively low-level function — and ask them to take on a Jason Bourne-like activity? It simply exceeds all propriety."--NPR.


Every major media source (and some little-bitty-teeny-weeny sources) has an opinion to share
about Edward Snowden.

Some almost revere him and some hate his arrogant guts.

Some people want to pardon Bad Eddie. And as noble as that sounds, it still doesn't fix the
bigger problem: Pardoning Ed Snowden is one thing...preserving him under those
circumstances would be something else. "Better Ed than Dead" comes to mind when one
considers the "powerful" enemies that Snowden has made in this Country. Just because Ed
got a Presidential pardon doesn't mean that someone wouldn't draw a bead on him in the
wrong place at the right time. But I'm sure that Bad Eddie knows that.

What a way to live.

Freedom is what this whole situation has always been about. From the beginning until now.
And freedom is what some blue meanies don't want us all to have. They, the "you can't do
that" entity...are against every human being's fundamental right to individual choice.

Yes, those blue meanies want to own us: Lock, stock and independent decision.

Has Edward Snowden put more fuel into Kim Jung Un's rockets?

Has he caused Hillary Clinton to fess up or has he made Donald Trump shut up?

Is the Federal Government handing over more money to build affordable housing or
upgrade the quality of life for disadvantaged Senior Citizens because of Snowden's

Has Ed made it easier for China to plot world domination?


I have a tracker on my blog. It's unseen but it's certainly there. And it would probably
be not much more than a toy mouse to a cat like Bad Eddy Snowden. But I keep it.


Because I want to.

And that's the whole point, shining like a beacon in the middle of all of this brouhaha:
We all have the right to know. We have the right to check out a blog and hide the fact that
we did. And every blogger has the right to be Kravitz nosy.

It's all part of being human...

...isn't it?

"This week Snowden weighed in, via video, saying he hopes the film will reach a new audience on, quote, "the issues that matter the most." He also said, "I love my country."--NPR.

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