Thursday, September 22, 2016

Terri Bitch Is Back Update



It was the whole deal with the sexting that got to me. "Well, Kaine was doing it two weeks
(after Kyron went missing) so I started doing it to get back at him."

Terri talked for all the world like a young teenage girl. There was no maturity in her words,
no class in her act or love in her heart for Kyron.

She attempted to pass off the sexting when Dr. Phil brought it up. But he didn't accept her
outrageous attitude. Not for a minute.

Neither did the audience from what I could see.

If only Terri would have broken down and started to cry. If only she had said, "I'm so
ashamed...Dr. Phil, please help me. There are things I need to say but I don't want to do it
here and now. But please help me to finally do the right thing. I need help...I'm dying
inside. Please, Dr. Phil...please, please."

And then if Phil had gotten up and put his arms around Terri as she began to collapse into
her grief and shame...oh, if only...

...then maybe the truth would have come out on the day that they taped that interview.

But Terri never exhibited remorse, regret or sadness. Instead, Terri Moulton Horman shoveled
heaps of dirty lies and anger at Dr. Phil until he was practically up to his eyeballs in it.

"I'm almost deaf in my left ear." "Desiree needs to get a grip." "I was so far away from
myself." "I had already disassociated myself from everything."

When she finally admitted that she sexted for "the wrong reasons" and went on to
say that "I can't take it back now...what's done is done." I wondered if she was still referring to
the sexting at all or to what she did to Kyron.

And the only time that she seemed to get rattled was when Dr. Phil shared Desiree Young's
quote about Terri having enough time to "bury Kyron in the back yard."

After watching her reactions and listening to her talk, I am convinced that Terri is a bona fide,
stand up and be counted, right on the money, pure psychopath. Here is a list of a psychopath's

"glibness and superficial charm, grandiose sense of self-worth, pathological lying, cunning/manipulative, lack of remorse, emotional shallowness, callousness and lack of empathy, unwillingness to accept responsibility for actions, a tendency to boredom, a parasitic lifestyle, a lack of realistic long-term goals, impulsivity, irresponsibility, lack of behavioural control, behavioural problems in early life, juvenile delinquency, criminal versatility, a history of “revocation of conditional release” (ie broken parole), multiple marriages, and promiscuous sexual behaviour."--
(List Courtesy of "The Telegraph" UK)

Yes, Terri Moulton Horman is a psychopath. But I want to ask her one last question:
"Terri, where's Kyron?"



From the beginning of the interview, Terri tried to get Dr. Phil curled up and
comfortable in her words. She declared that she loved (referring to Kyron
Horman in the past tense) Kyron as her own son. She said that she considers
herself to be Kyron's real mom. And swore that, if she could, she would trade
spots with Kyron.

But Dr. Phil McGraw appeared to be wise to Terri's lies.

So when Terri started to fumble the bullshit ball after Dr. Phil asked her
about DeDe Spicher, Terri stammered: " can't
make this stuff up."

The camera swung around and pulled in on Dr. Phil as he quietly replied,
"Ohh, yes you can."

That is my favorite part of the first show. 

Did y'all catch that?


Yeah, Terri Moulton Horman said quite a bit, alright. And the conversation
circled around from outrageous to outright ridiculous when she shared statements like
"There's a lot of political
corruption involving law enforcement in Portland." And when she referred to the photo of
Kyron standing in front of his science project as "that infamous picture."

Listening to Terri speak made me wonder where she was going with all of the words that
she shared during that interview. Then she said one more dumb thing and I was reminded
of where she is going: Off the rails and into her own train wreck.

Toot, toot.

I'm looking forward to hearing what she has to say about her sexting tomorrow. But what
I really want to hear from her is where Kyron is.

I wish Terri would just tell the truth and then shut up forever.




9/12/16: The amount of page views for this post has exploded. I did not anticipate that. But then,
maybe I should have. The page hits have done my heart good. Why? Because I now see that many
people still want to know what has happened to Kyron. And that fact is as it should be, AMEN.

Our boy is out there, somewhere and as long as Terri is the narcissistic monster that she is...we
will be guaranteed to get:

1.) New images of how she looks. Those pictures might prove to be helpful if anyone spots her

2.) New videos that record how she reacts to certain questions. Remember when the first person
noticed her rolling her eyes during the very first press conference?

3.) Physical clues. I notice that she is wearing a ring now and her nose looks different. Her dress
(can you say "hideous"?) that she wore on the Dr. Phil show is totally different from anything
that the media has shared with us in the past. That dress isn't just manic, people, it's downright
schizoid!  It's almost as if she is trying to send a message screaming into everyone's subconscious:
Obviously, some of us are not buying it.

4.) Where she is hanging out at that these days. The Dr. Phil show is taped at Paramount Studios
in Hollywood, California. Cali is a big State. But Terri might still be polluting the Golden State
with her awful, nasty presence. And California might very well be where Kyron is.

5.) A chance to analyze her strategy. The timing of the Dr. Phil interview has raised my
suspicion. Unless Phil's producers reached out to Terri (which I doubt) there is only one other
way that they could have come together at this point in time: Terri contacted them. Why now?
Well, one reason that I'm considering is in response to the scathing accusation that Kelly
Ramirez and her sister, Desiree Young posted online recently.
They sent out a statement after Kaine Horman yanked Kyron's "Wall Of Hope" from its
long-standing public spot. And they made very clear mention of the fact that Kaine won't
allow anyone to do a search on his property.
Well, hmmm. Regarding Kyron's don't suppose that Kaine and Terri have
been in cahoots all this time? Wellllll??
And are Kelly and Desi getting closer to the truth about what really happened to our boy Ky?

6.) Who Terri thinks took Kyron. I'm going to take a stab in the dark here and say (obviously
without seeing the interview yet) that Terri is going to blame someone connected to law
enforcement. Of course she might just go ahead and try to pin down Space aliens or a band of
pedophile gypsies. Or Desiree. Do you think that she will try to implicate Desiree?


I knew something was up when I noticed the large spike in my readership recently. That stat always indicates that something related to my blog is capturing my reader's attention again. And so it is:
Terri Moulton Horman is back.

But when I saw her on the video clip from an upcoming episode of the Dr. Phil show, I barely
recognized her. Terri, at least on the outside, has changed. Aside from the fact that her body now
resembles a dirigible that's lost half of its air...Terri has obviously aged. Big time.

Damn, woman! What the hell happened?!

I think I know: Terri is all stressed-out and (ahem) trying to eat away all of her guilt. Either that
or she is trying to blow air into a brand new persona. She might be trying to shake her well-known
red headed stepmonster image. So she's adopting a "church lady", cookie baking mama look that's meant to
make her appear to be totally harmless. "Oh, my now where did I park the minivan?"

Except in her case she's now leaning toward Droopy Dog jowls with a red rooster cut and the body
of an aging Walmart queen.

And I wonder if the interview that she had with Dr. Phil (which apparently has already
been videotaped) is just going to be an extension of the article in People magazine. Wanna bet?

"Oh, I didn't do anything to Kyron. He just looked back at me, waved and walked down the
hall into his classroom. I'm innocent."

Yeah, Terri will be the center of attention again. I would much rather watch
Dr. Phil tear into Terri's stepparents and her son, James. Put THEM in front of the mic!

See, I don't care that Terri bought herself a new piece of clunky jewelry to wear around her neck.
I want her to bring Kyron Richard Horman out onto the stage. Otherwise, we'll left to watch about fifteen
minutes of a bitch lying her fat ass off...again.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ruthie. You nailed it, and her.

Anonymous said...

and who picked that schizophrenic looking dress she is wearing?! Orange hair-orange lipstick and that crazy print dress hahahahaha

Ruth Rader said...

Thank you.

I want Kyron to come back. He belongs here in Oregon.

If he is alive then he should come home.

His family is here. I now believe that Desiree truly
loves Kyron and desperately wants him in her life

His people are here. There is a multitude of good
people in this State who would be willing to watch
out for that boy's best interests for the rest of
his life.

And Terri can dress herself up any way that she
chooses. But a turd in a dress is still a turd.

Terri, Where Is Kyron?

Anonymous said...

Her kaine and de de know imo and thank u

Karen Moore said...

Hi Ruthie, I've come back to your blog since Terri is back in the news again. I always enjoy your point of view. I still want to know what law enforcement meant when they said we would be shocked about something. ( not sure if my wording is right on that but close) Have a nice day!

Ruth Rader said...

Perhaps you are referring to this long-ago statement, taken from a transcript via CNN:

SHERIFF DAN STANTON, MULTNOMAH COUNTY, OREGON: "We have the knowledge of things that we don`t want to know about. And that`s the only way I can answer that. We have knowledge of things we wish we didn`t."

I have always wondered what he meant when he said that.

Karen Moore said...

Yes, that's it. I wasn't even close but that's what I'm referring to.

Ruth Rader said...

Terri may be talking now in an effort to make herself "appear less guilty." As if
there really is such a thing.

Because after that crack by Kelly Ramirez, it may be that someone else is getting
ready to talk, too. But not to Dr. Phil...

You may discuss the case here (I will be delighted) or you can email me at:

Karen Moore said...

Just watched Dr Phil and learned Terri & Kaine were having sex in the days following Kyrons disappearance. Really?? If my son went missing sex would not be on my list. Does that sound odd to you Ruthie? Something is not right here with the both of them.

Ruth Rader said...

I wouldn't put it past them but remember, that's Terri talking. Phil will
strike that sex nerve tomorrow. I will be interested in hearing what that
sow has to say.

Maybe they were sex addicts. Maybe they're both perverts on different
levels. Maybe Kyron found out something and they finally had to silence

Kaine has brains but intelligence doesn't always guarantee that one will
couple that with a decent personality. Terri is totally nutsy-coo-coo
and seems to be in her darkest mood when she can't buy a thrill.

I believe that they both know what happened to Kyron. And they've both
put a hush on it from day one.

Do I think that law enforcement has anything to do with Kyron's

Could be. I've always thought that Stanton is a really strange guy.

Karen Moore said...

I now think they BOTH know too! I'm looking forward to today's show. Have a nice day Ruthie.

Ruth Rader said...

Today's show will provide insight from a person who analyzes body language, etc. Now that should be enlightening. I wish they would have just strapped Terri into a polygraph, right there on stage.

In the BTK serial killer case, Dennis Rader got angry when people got on the TV and claimed to know more about BTK than he knew about himself. They claimed to be absolute experts on the case. That made Rader so mad that it actually contributed to his undoing.

IF an outside source took Kyron then perhaps that person will get miffed if everyone focuses in on everyone but an outside source.

We can only hope.

But I highly doubt that anyone else but family is involved (totally on their own.) I feel that way because there has been no communication (that I know of) from a perp since Kyron disappeared. Nothing.

As fas as I know, the wall of silence went up on the day that Kyron disappeared and has remained there, ever since. Perps like to take trophies, revisit the crime scene, insert themselves into the chatter during the investigation and leave clues behind.
Dennis Rader did that.

There has been no mention of such things happening since Kyron vanished.

I wish I could have received a communication like that on my blog at some point over the years.

Ruth Rader said...

One more thing: I am by no means ruling out anyone in Kyron's extended family. And that includes grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and most definitely Terri's son, James.

Anonymous said...

I've always believed that Kaine knows something more. If my kid was missing, and I was married to a psycho bitch, I would have had LE search my house and property immediately. This doesn't pass the sniff test. Additionally, people that travel in BDSM circles in Portland all know each other. I have a family member who knows this from experience. Where is Sandi Lessman these days?

Ruth Rader said...

Would you elaborate, please?

I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Apparently law enforcement wanted to dig up Kaine's yard and he said no. In the interview with Kaine and Kyron's mother, Dr. Phil asked him about that and he said they can search anytime. However, Desiree's friend made the comment that Kaine says that but good luck contacting him because he doesn't answer. I have also read that Kyron was caught doing something in which he was acting out what he had witnessed. I also read that Kaine and Terri asked her friend (the one who was brought in for questioning) to do a threesome and that they were into that. Why won't Kaine let law enforcement dig up his yard if it means finding Kyron?

I will find the website I am referring to. Comments were made there from people that know Desiree.

Anonymous said...

The website is Kyron's world soilders that mentions the above comment regarding digging up Kaine's yard.

kelli henderson said...

I've been looking online for the full interview with Dr. Phil. Why is it so hard to find? Any idea where it is?

Ruth Rader said...

Hello, Kelli.

I see that CBS pulled the videos due to some copyright bullshit.

Try contacting the folks on Facebook at "Kyron Horman's World Soldiers."
They might be able to help.

Geez, you would think that CBS, in light of this particular situation,
would have waived the whole copyright thing. Way to drop the ball, CBS.

You might also try contacting the show itself. Perhaps you can purchase
the two episodes for a fee.