Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Southern Belle Strategy


She smiled. She grinned. She beamed. While Donald Trump all but blew up. And I thought it was hilarious!

Hillary Clinton used the "Southern Belle Strategy": Keep your cool behind your fan. Raise your nose slowly. Look amused when the other person starts to come emotionally undone. And always behave like a lady.

Southern women have been doing that for years.

But Trump never saw it coming and didn't recognize Hillary's behavior for the psychological
weapon that it is. The Donald threw verbal rocks at Ms. Clinton but she calmly deflected them and
continued on like the good little soldier that she is.

The first debate was all about a mind game and Hillary played it very well.

But then, I believe that she did it more for the voters. Trump did it for himself.

Hillary Clinton proved that she is able to handle herself under real-time pressure. That ability is part and parcel of being a successful Commander-In-Chief. She knows what has to be done.

Sweet tea will be optional.

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