Monday, October 03, 2016

Dirt-Slinging In The Sandbox

                                ADDITIONAL EDITS BY RUTH RADER

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is apparently poised to rip Donald "Because I'm Smart" Trump a new orifice.

But not because Trump needs one. Oh noooo. In my opinion, I think that Trump has distributed
enough bullshit with the two orifices that he's got already.

Meanwhile, Julian "Excuse me, are you an asshole?" Assange is now threatening to announce
something on Wednesday that he believes will terminate Hillary Clinton's Presidential aspirations.  

So far he's waah'ed about Hillary suggesting he be killed via a drone strike. I'm sure she was
kidding, perverted coward (rolling my eyes.) I guess the "best" part of his latest
farcical is yet to come.

All of this dirt-slinging in the sandbox is really beginning to piss me off. It's as if the adults have
vanished and left us with several idiots that are suffering from infantile paralysis of the brain.

Where is our Star-Spangled Savior of the Masses?

Where is our shiny new Superman (or woman?)

Who has enough common sense and moral decency to give an honest damn about the rest of

    This is an old movie but I encourage everyone to watch it if you haven't already. I believe that it
    delivers a relevant message, especially now. Americans are fickle people and will follow just
    about anyone. But like sheep in a field...when they're forced to face reality...they will turn as one
    and run the other way. This movie is about truth, wishful thinking and lies. There is not always
    strength in numbers but in the conviction of one's own soul.

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