Thursday, October 20, 2016

Good Show!


On the last day that offered the last chance...I, Ruth Rader...officially registered to vote in the
upcoming Presidential election.

I believe this news will make some people smile. I hope so...because that person knows that
she is going to get my vote.

I made the decision with my eyes wide open. And I know what I will expect of that woman
who was so cleverly dressed in white tonight.

And I really liked how she jumped at the final bell...with her hand outstretched and ready to
work that entire room.

Good show!

I listened to her opponent one last time before I raised my cup of Keurig coffee to
his image on the flat screen and declared: "Donald John are an asshole."

I am warm, safe and dry in Sisters, Oregon tonight. And I thank those kind people who helped
me after I carelessly left my purse on a bus. Kudos to all of you: The homeless man who
shared his cell phone, the man who bought me dinner, the staff at the local eatery who watched
over me, the bus folks who made sure that my purse and its contents got into the right hands
and to a certain Batman who shall remain anonymous.

Thank you to all of you for making the point again: The States of America always work
better when they are truly United. Teamwork is what being a citizen of this Nation is all about.
And that is a truism that Mister Trump knows nothing about. All of us in our Country are much
better when we reach out to each other.

 So thank God I am free to vote!


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