Saturday, October 22, 2016

Thinking About Kyron In California

I am in northern California today and I am thinking about the missing boy, Kyron Richard

I am sitting here in this library and I wish that Oregon's missing son would just walk around
the corner. I wish he would just sit down, turn around and flash me his famous smile. I
am wondering if he is somewhere in this State now.

I don't know where he is but here in Redding, California today...his vibes are very strong. I
feel like I could almost reach out and touch him. I truly believe that someone who is related
to his case is here in this city, today.

Curse you, Terri Moulton...I am sending every bit of bad karma that I can pull out of the
Universe directly to you. And I pray that my curse crushes you.

Kyron belongs to everyone who is a resident of the State of Oregon. He Is Our Boy...
Not Yours, Terri!!

And woe be to you, Kaine Horman if you actually helped make Kyron disappear. If you are
also responsible for taking Kyron away from his extended family...I know that sooner or
later God is going to take something away from you.

There will be a judgement someday.

Terri...where is Kyron?


Anonymous said...

Ruth, I am curious why you are so convinced Terri hurt or killed Kyron?? I have followed this case from the beginning and I can tell you I spent a ridiculous amount of time on this case and I believe the person who is responsible is definitely not Terri. I don't know how to completely prove my theories but I am convinced he was groomed to trust the perp because he didn't have support at home (all 3 of his parents have "issues"). My children's schools have science fairs and other events where I now marvel at how easy it would be for someone to lure a child away. I have even called the police during a school carnival because they need to patrol the area while kids were coming and going. I am not being antagonistic here, I am truly wondering if you are tapping into psychic abilities or are you simply convinced Terri had a motive to kill the son she raised?

Ruth Rader said...

So you're saying Tony Young, who last I knew, is a detective with the Medford, Oregon police department has "issues"?

How do you figure that?

And speaking of sound like you're fishing for information.

What are you really trying to say here?

Although Tony has faded into the background...he has not left my mind when I consider Kyron Horman's case. Not at all.

I don't consider any time spent considering Kyron's situation "ridiculous." And I am surprised by your choice of word.

I think that you sent me your comment because you think that I am still in California.

Furthermore, Kyron is not Terri's "son." Terri never did Kyron any favors and the worst thing that Kaine ever did was link up with Terri in the first place.

There was no right rationale for taking Kyron away from his family. There never will

Yes, I didn't answer all of your questions. But then, you didn't share your name with me.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry if I offended you Ruth. I am not trying to question what you know, I am wondering how you came to your conclusions ... truly. And yes, ridiculous was a poor choice of words. I guess my efforts felt ridiculous to me because it ultimately felt ineffective and frustrating AND my own family wondered why I wasn't taking care of stuff at home because I was so immersed in this case. The only reason I asked you is because you seemed fairly rational and could suspend what you already believe and consider more theories about what happened to Kyron.

Good luck with your travels ... it all looks fascinating.

Ruth Rader said...

You did not offend me. Not at all.

You are perhaps misunderstanding my response here.

I took what you wrote quite seriously. I still do.

And I think that I may have struck a nerve when I composed this post. As a result, you want to know why I have surmised what I have. And you may also want to know what is simmering below the surface of my words.

"Loose lips sink ships."

Anchors away.