Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Passing Thought

                                             SELFIE PHOTO/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

I doubt that Trump even gave a passing thought to all of the people marching through the streets of
cities across the Country yesterday. I don't believe he cared.

He is a gentrified elitist and he revolves in a different realm. And while I will hear about him over
the next four years, he will never discover that I exist.

But I do exist. And my words today will be echoed by many and in the fragile future
that we all are going to have to face.

I have noticed that many Trump supporters have taken to social media to spread their abrasive
words of hate. They have no heart. But I still have my soul.

No one...nay, not one...will ever disconnect me from God.

I will sit in my wheeler today and thumb for rides. And I will wrap up, with pride, in my peace
blanket. I won't hold up a sign. I will send out a subliminal message, instead:

Today, let us gather together what goodness we have left among us...and go on.


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