Sunday, November 06, 2016

Make It So, Madame President


Hillary Clinton was cleared for takeoff today. The FBI is not going to deal any further with the
email matter. That is what I was waiting for.

I am with her now.

Ms. Hillary has dealt with so much...illness...a grueling schedule...and an "opponent" that never
deserved to be one. And through it all, Hillary Clinton kept her composure, was the picture of
grace under pressure and courageously soldiered on.

She is leadership material...and so now she shall be one.

Her battles are not over...they are just beginning. But I believe that Hillary Clinton will
serve this Country with clear eyes, a forward principle and a mighty faith. The path is now hers
to walk.

I only ask that Madame President Clinton walks into the Oval Office and gives the next four
years to God. If she does, then maybe this Country might still have a chance.

May God bless you, Hillary and give you the wisdom to keep the States in America United.

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