Sunday, November 06, 2016

The Evil To Come

                                                    PHOTO/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

We all know it's coming. Everyone does. Each in his or her own way...already knows.

It has been growing a terrible storm...gathering strength. And on November 8th,
it will strike...and begin to bring every State in this Country to its knees.

A foreign terror may hit our shores and wreak havoc even before Election Day. A domestic
team of terrorists is standing ready to do the same.

                                EDITS BY RUTH RADER

Don't bother covering yourself in a cloak of denial. Because the evil is real and it is going
to arrive...soon.

Some of the evil will be tied to ISIS/ISIL. Some of the evil will come straight from Russia.
Another part of the evil will be delivered by corrupt, horribly misguided politicians. And
still more of the evil will appear via the ignorant, hate-filled "Christian Right."

Togethor those demons will unleash a curse that will threaten to destroy the peace and
freedom that many of us cherish in this Country.

I can feel it: God is slowly taking His hand off of the United States of America. I believe
that He's about had it.

What will follow will be impossible for any mortal to stop.

No Buddhist or Baptist will be able to defend himself once the gates have opened. And the
gates will open...soon.

Ed Snowden wants to return to the United States. The truth is, he will have a better chance
at survival if he does go to another Continent besides North America.

I went to sleep the other night and I dreamed that the my Country was attacked...from inside
and the same time.

It was a terrible nightmare.

I haven't had a dream that vivid, powerful and intense since I was in Salem, Massachusetts
on September 10, 2001.


We all have choices to make. Choose wisely.


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