Sunday, December 11, 2016

Imprisoning The Monster Inside Moulton

                                EDITS BY RUTH RADER

"I think that her time is running out and I think that she knows that. We are getting closer and closer to her and I think that she should be scared," Young said.

I read the latest articles about Terri Lynn Who-Now-Finally-Admits-That-She's-Not-A-Horman and...I
laughed. No wonder Larry and Carol kept her in their house for so long after Kyron disappeared. Because
they knew exactly what their messed-up stepchild would do once she went back out on her own.

And they were right. Oh, were they ever.

I called Terri an idiot in one of my videos on YouTube. I'm right...she is.

Only Terri Moulton would segue from a nationally-televised attempt to clear her name to a knife, a
gun, criminal charges and a really angry-looking mug shot. Yeah, when it comes to self-incrimination, Terri Lynn Moulton has all the talent in the world.

Grand Theft Firearm is a nice little tab to snap on Terri's ample ass now. Poor Joseph Cristobal
never saw the monster inside Moulton until it was almost too late. According to media reports,
Terri threatened Cristobal with a knife "if he went to law enforcement."

Terri apparently put the knife away and Cristobal contacted the cops.

Good show.

In the news articles, Cristobal is referred to as an "adult caregiver." After the knife fiasco, I wonder
what kind of care he wanted to give Terri!

(*Laughing Again*)

Cristobal got a restraining order against Terri (maybe he should also acquire a pit bull and a
howitzer.) And now Terri is out on bail until the hearing date of December 16. Because, you see,
somebody (snicker) also said that Terri stole a gun.

Naw...she wouldn't do a dumb thing like that, now would she?

Yes, that idiot would!

Now I am wondering if Terri could be declared guilty in court, sentenced to a mandatory incarceration and then kept in the slammer on an investigative hold. I know someone who got
that lovely ribbon attached to his sentence gift in Washington State.

He deserved it. I believe Terri Lynn Moulton deserves it, too.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and identify Moulton's attorney as California's Adam J.
Richards...who is listed on a legal website as "a gun enthusiast." Well, those two ought to get
along great!

Poor ol' Joe Cristobal recently stated that he now "fears for his life." And after his brush with
the Moulton Monster, he isn't entirely sure what else Terri is "capable of."

How about taking a beautiful seven-year-young boy away from his family and his home?


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