Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Not Above Hood River Love

                                PHOTO/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

At 6:30 pm tonight, a group of people from the local area are going to gather together.
They are going to discuss the idea of hosting the Hood River Warming Shelter at the
Rockford Grange in January 2017. From what I was told, I have ascertained that some
of the local folks in the area don't want us to stay at the Grange. This is why the
Warming shelter people are going to hold the above-mentioned meeting. Because apparently,
some of the local people are going to require quite a bit of convincing.

A Winter Storm Warning is now in place through the National Weather Service. Right
now the temperature is 24 degrees above zero and it's already starting to snow. Yet,
we...the homies of Hood River...have nowhere to go when each public place (including
this library) closes down early this afternoon.

The Warming Shelter (which is being held this week in St. Mark's Episcopal Church)
will not invite us in until 6pm this evening. The volunteers will arrive and begin to set
things up about an hour earlier than that. But they will arrive in their nice, warm rigs,
make hot coffee in the church kitchen and drink it while we stay outside and freeze.

This makes no sense to me!

Meanwhile, across town, the meeting at the Grange will run its course.

"We can't let those people stay here! They'll bring in diseases and trash the place!"

"They're just a bunch of bums, anyway."

"Half of  'em will leave garbage all over outside."

"We won't be able to bring our children there after those hippies contaminate


I have no idea yet if the folks at the Grange actually met tonight. This is mainly because the
weather slapped the Gorge with a storm for the second time in a week.

But what DID happen is a good bus driver and a sweet librarian saved me from a
serious transportation crisis in the snow, today. And they didn't have to...but then, no one
ever has to do the right thing. But some people in this world are committed to feeding
souls and certainly those two people did today.

There's a lot to be said for that.

So, I will wait to hear the decision from the Rockford Grange. And I hope that it matches
what one guy behind the wheel and one woman beside the book stacks...shared with me,

It looks like it's going to be a tough winter.

Hood River LOVE.

May it warm us all.*

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Ruth Rader said...

October 2017 Update: I am now living in my own home in Nebraska.
This is due to the fact that some good Christian souls did in
this State what no one in Oregon ever did.

I am not in an apartment or Section 8/HUD housing, either. I am
in a private home of my own.

It's about time.