Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ruthie Rader: A New Deal

                                               SELFIE PHOTO/EDITS BY RUTH RADER
                                               DECEMBER 28, 2016

I received quite a surprise for Christmas: Two nights at a very nice hotel here in Hood River,
Oregon. To say the least, I was stunned. To say the most, I am very grateful for that
kind gesture.

But then, I've paid my dues. I dodged traffic as I walked down a steep and icy hill in the semi-darkness. I huddled
outside a closed church building in the freezing wind and shivered uncontrollably for over two hours
before a bus finally arrived. My body became so cold that it hurt.

That never should have happened. Never. It could have been prevented.

Now I am waiting to see if a new my favor...will actually be made.

I am becoming a diabetic. My body's mechanism is changing...I can feel it. I am going through
a metamorphosis...and it isn't a good one.

The chance for an ounce of prevention has come and gone. All that's left is a questionable
pound of pseudo-cure. With no guarantees, you understand.

The words "quality" and "life"...once connected to my existence...have now taken opposite turns. But I still love the sparkle of the
winter sun on a curved piece of ice. I still believe that where there is a sincere dream there is
also hope that the wish will come true.

So now I will wait...and if what has been proposed does get approved...then I will finally
begin to write.

I will I have never written before.

After all: A new deal might very well cause me to win the game.

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