Sunday, December 25, 2016

Terri Moulton: Reverse Your Fate


These days, they don't come any dumber than Terri Moulton.

And her angry glare in the mug shot did nothing to alter the truth. And the truth is that
Terri has now become her own worst enemy.

No one else forced her to rack up the charges that are stacked against her now.
Nope, Terri has managed to earn her illegal infractions all by herself. From a domestic
violence charge to a gun and now a car theft charge as well.

She's out on bail right now but she's acquiring almost as many mug shots as some
people collect baseball cards. And she's showing no sign of stopping.

Terri is on a crime spree roll.

I thought about young Kyron Horman today. And I wondered how his mother
Desiree Young fared without her son on yet another Christmas Day.

I was blessed to be gifted with this beautiful room in this nice hotel. But I wish that Desiree
had been blessed with her son's arms around her today. I was treated with mercy and
kindness recently and that led me to consider the missing boy and his family. Especially
his mother.

If Terri cannot see the corruption seeping out of her pores in her newest mugshot then she
has gone totally soul-blind. There is no goodness left in her. She has crossed the human line
and might not be able to find her way back.

But I am hoping that Kyron still can.

Kyron is innocent and the direct mirror-opposite of what Terri Moulton has become. He
deserves to be with his family. He should be home.

And Terri, who can't manage her own life properly, should not be making any decisions
for Kyron.

Terri is moving like an airplane that has lost a wing. She is spinning out of control...farther
and farther down. Eventually, if she doesn't tell everyone where Kyron is...Terri will crash.

It is only a matter of time.

Terri, you have one last chance. No matter where you live, who you see or where you work...your past will be right
behind you. And it will hit you hard when you crash. Nothing but your choice to do what is
right will reverse your fate.

Another year is almost over, Terri. And you've wasted it.

Your evil has corrupted your brain cells.

What are you going to do for an encore?

1 comment:

Crytears sunny said...

well...what do ya know...charges dropped on the car theft...and maybe Terri Horman can take it with her, thumbing her nose at Law Enforcement, Kyrons loving mama...and even God.
Oh, how I hate that monster! but i'm sure i'm not alone and if truth be known, millions hate her as well.
She's going to end up dead and taking any chance at solving this down into the grave with her....
her last thumbing nose at the world.
She thinks she's winning...just like Jodi Arias believes she's winning, serving LWOP for slaughtering
her ex boyfriend in a jealous rage....she thought she could outsmart everyone.
She did!....but only one she outsmarted was her parents and herself and a few deluded male suitors.
I believe in God...and when her life is over she will face God...and you can't lie to Him.