Monday, December 19, 2016

What Really Matters


Two things happened this morning, one surprised me and the other one did not.

First, the expected news:

I was invited, over a week ago, to attend a meeting here at the hospital. But as time passed I began to notice some cracks in the deal. Today, the person who "invited" me said that the meeting has been changed to a teleconference call. That much is understandable since we are experiencing yet another batch of inclement weather right now. However, after he gave me the phone number to dial-in and the access code, he said that I would be just a "fly on the wall" at the meeting.


And then he said that "perhaps" he would introduce me at the following meeting next month.

Guess I didn't play the game the way that he wanted me to. So I got cut.

That's the way that some people do it, you know. And that's fine by me. Let him continue to play his provider shell game with biased ignorance. I would rather be me and stop swiping at the carrot that
he's been dangling at the end of a broken promise stick.

He never totally convinced me that he was sincere/telling me the truth in the first place.

Screw him. I shall move on.

Now the unexpected news:

I checked my new "Go Fund Me" page this morning and discovered that a friend donated $100 to
my effort to get a permanent home. The money was given in kindness just like the other two donations were.

I love my friends because they are encouraging me to stick to what I believe in. They want to see
me warm, safe and dry and writing in my own home.

And that is what really matters.


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