Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Lie Like Yours


I don't like being manipulated.

It's more than okay to make a mistake as long as you sincerely try to fix it. But I don't like what
happened to me here.

Somewhere in the midst of the equation...everyone forgot about my feelings.

Now I am left with the realization that because I don't have plenty of money in my pocket...years
and years of formal education...because I don't have a socially trusted occupation...skis under my feet and a Subaru in the driveway in front of my own house...

...because I am just me... was easy to offer me something with no intention of ever honoring it.

And now you want to "extricate" yourself?

Well, I wish that I could extricate myself from the rickety cot that I lay on at the dark...
as I watch the snow fall outside the window...while other damaged humans cry out from the pain
of their own ruined dreams.

Life isn't all about plastic, policies and procedures. You above all people should know that.

The holidays came and went...and then were packed in a box...and placed on a back shelf until
next December. And all of my hope for the new year was thrown away at the same time.

How totally disconnected and arrogant you are.

Your "We Care" speech that you made on the bus, yesterday...sounds hollow to me now.

But then...a lie like yours usually does.

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