Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Fuss On The Bus


I had a little problem with a bus driver recently. He seemed to think that he was the King of the Road
and I was just a simple speedbump. He tried to push me around but instead I got off of the bus. He drove away without me. Unfortunately, he thought that was the end of it.


In the end, I received this email today:

"On behalf of Jefferson Lines, please accept our sincere apologies. We have looked into the information provided and have reported the driver to management, so that any disciplinary action may be taken for his actions. While drivers do have certain protocol to follow when assisting a passenger, we do feel this incident could have been handled better by our driver. As long as seating is available, passenger’s are welcome to sit where they like. Also, if you are able to walk, you are more than welcome to use the lift or you can choose to simply have a little assistance. Due to the inconvenience you experienced, we would be happy to refund your ticket in the full amount of $79.85, but can you please provide an address that we can send a check to?
We certainly do apologize for any inconvenience this caused."

It's all in how you do the job, people. It's all about how you do it.

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