Monday, February 20, 2017

It's Name Is Donald Trump


He's like a bomb that just keeps on blowing up. One explosion after another. And he shows no
sign of stopping.

Quick! Here he comes again! Everybody get away! Run for God's sake!

(Shaking my head.)

Trump. What are we, the citizens of the United States of America, going to do about him?

He's supposed to be our man in the know and our Commander in Chief. Instead, he is our
new Jackass In Residence at the White House. So much has gone wrong inside that
building lately that it's a wonder the House isn't glowing pink with embarrassment by now.

Trump can't blame the media (although he is certainly trying to) for reporting and
commenting on his gross stupidity. The United States media calls it as it sees it and that
includes NBC, CNN and the New York Times...ETCETERA!

And he can fly Air Force One wherever he wants to.

"Look, everybody at my 'Try-To-Make-Myself-Look-Good" rally...I have my own jet!"

So what, Donald Dumbo...Kim Jung Un has a big, bad rocket. And that crazy North
Korean has been trying to get your attention for weeks now. But you'd rather fly down
to Florida and play with your image.


Yeah, there's just nothing like watching a guy who promised to "Make America Great
Again" make an outrageous fool out of himself, instead. Donald Trump has got batshit
crazy all tangled up with star spangled screwball thinking.

He keeps talking about "winning." So did the Moron of Mulholland Drive (Charlie Sheen)
once upon a time. And we all know how THAT turned out.


Our Country is in serious trouble and it's name is Donald John Trump.

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