Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Kindness To The Rescue


The lady of the log house finally falls asleep while embroidering my name into a quilt.

I was so cold. The strong North Dakota wind had long since turned my old bones into icicles. Tears filled my eyes as I huddled under my thin blankets. I glanced back at the nearby Flying J and wondered how much longer I would remain on that on ramp.

Then she stopped her rig and it was all about kindness to the rescue.

She drove me back to her house. Her home is situated off the grid, on a side road and underneath
the wide, western North Dakota sky.

She and her husband live on a farm with seven children and assorted animals. Their house is amazing. It features a claw-foot tub, a wood stove and beautiful chandeliers.

Their diet is totally organic and they observe Saturday as a day of rest. Although that didn't stop
the lady and I from having a sincere discussion about our religious differences.

We enjoyed each other's company very much. Their great Wi-Fi signal allowed me to find out
that an appointment that I have been waiting for has suddenly been arranged. This means that I
have to return to the West.

So on Sunday morning she drove back to the opposite on ramp and she left me with her best
wishes and a prayer. She would be happy to know that I ended up with a motel room after all
in a nearby city and a bus ticket, too. Now I am waiting for yet another bus to carry me closer
to Oregon.

Good luck with the coyotes, ya'll.


jaci said...

Just checking in again to see if you had updated anything. Glad to see that you are doing well and on your way back to Oregon. May the LORD lead you in all your ways and get you home safely!

Thank you for the kind words.


Ruth Rader said...

Hi Jaci... Tonight I am dealing with yet another hassle with public transportation. Guy bought me a train ticket here in Spokane, Washington on good faith from an e ticket machine. Now the guy is gone with no contact information. The ticket is good but because he paid for it my name is not on it. Now I am waiting to talk to the agent. The stuff I go thru!