Sunday, February 26, 2017

No Fun And No Refund

                                PHOTOS/EDITS BY RUTH RADER

The photograph featured above reflects the way that a motel room should look. But
this post is going to focus on what I faced recently at a little motel in Caldwell,

The following is a copy of a review that I just posted on the Trip Adviser website.
Consider the photo above when you look at the photos that I took of a room that
should not be available for rent, period.

I also want to mention that the price of the motel room pictured above is
comparable to the price of the room described below.

I would like you to heed my advice: DON'T STAY HERE!

I had the misfortune of finding out the hard way just what a stay at this hovel
would mean. And I guarantee you that my experience is not going to end with
a review on Trip Advisor. (Although a review here is a good place to start.)

I was looking for a cheap motel in Caldwell, Idaho and came across this
motel. From the outside, the motel looked old but I have stayed at motels
that are surprisingly nice in the inside.

This one isn't. It's a disgrace.

And I am including photos with this review that prove it.

Usually when I pay cash instead of using a card, I have to sign some
sort of paper. So, being the trusting soul that I am (but never again)
I signed the paper WITHOUT READING IT. Bad move on my part.

And on top of signing the paper, I paid a $20 "deposit" that I was
told would defray any possible "damages" to the room.

(Remember the above sentence as we go along here.)

Then a woman walked me over to a room and unlocked the door.
I walked into the room, looked around and immediately thought,

The room was filthy and it stunk. A gaping hole on the wall by the
front door stared back at me.

                                                      HOLE IN THE WALL BY THE
                                                      INSIDE FRONT DOOR

Dirt was everywhere. A picture on
the opposite wall sported a brown stain that ran from the top to
the bottom of the frame.

                                BROWN-STAINED PICTURE ON THE WALL

An old cord from what used to be a landline phone (and was
now sliced from one end) curled out like a bad snake from the

                                                      REMNANT OF LANDLINE
                                                      PHONE CORD

A dusty analog TV sat in silent embarrassment
outside the bathroom that was JUST. PLAIN. GROSS!!!

I looked up and realized that there was NO SMOKE ALARM
or sprinkler system of any kind in that room. Not even a
shadow of a facsimile thereof.

There wasn't even a washcloth or a single, wrapped plastic
cup to be found, either!

I was outraged.

And after I asked for my money back, the woman said that
because I signed the paper in the office (remember the
paper?) that I legally agreed to their policy of "no refund."

I looked through the open door at the better motel across
the interstate and begged the woman to return my money.
She just gave me a snide look and walked out of the room.

I spent a sleepless night sitting in my walker/wheeler until
my friends came and picked me up. I am convinced that
when one of the female "workers" actually had the haywire
gall to go over and "inspect" the room, she would have
made up an excuse and refused to give me my $20 deposit
back. But my friends were with me and so the woman knew
that she'd bite off more than she could chew and so she
returned the deposit.
I repeat: DON'T STAY HERE!!!

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