Thursday, March 30, 2017

Choose Carefully, Fat Boy

Babies are born every day...and they all have rights. It's possible that some babies were born during the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But the rights of
all life in Japan was cancelled-out by the bombs that were dropped from the Enola Gay and
the Bockscar aircraft in early August of 1945.

The United States was pushed into a corner after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Our Country had
no other choice.

Now, we are facing a worthless, demented individual who laughs and claps like a three-year-
old as he watches weapons being tested. He wants blood but I believe that the only blood that
he should taste is his own.

He wants to kill our babies. He wants to obliterate families
and destroy destinies.
The United States of America won't tolerate Kim Jong Fat Boy-un's inhuman behavior much
longer. He has been warned. If he tries...he dies and his people will die right along with him. That is the truth.

Now, at this pivotal time in history a choice will be made again. And that decision will prove
that Kim Jong-un is either too stupid to stop a senseless war or suddenly strong enough to keep
the peace.

Choose carefully, Fat Boy.

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