Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Nuclear Blade of Bullshit


"Should the U.S. imperialists and the south Korean puppet forces fire even a single shell into the waters where the sovereignty of our Republic is exercised, the KPA will immediately launch its merciless military counter-actions. The KPA will mercilessly foil the nuclear war racket of the aggressors with its treasured nuclear sword of justice." --Korean Central News Agency.

Well, isn't that just special.

He treats the "State-Run" news service like his own personal blog. You see his flat, Korean face
everywhere on the website: "Kim Jong Un plays with his rockets" or "Kim Jong Un pees into a
parcel of plastic petunias." Obviously those are not actual headlines but you get the idea.

And now, His Over-Inflated Fatness is turning his attention (and his rocket-bombs) toward North

First he plans to nail the United States Military Forces in Japan. After he (and this is only in his
dreams, you understand) is through pounding the hell out of that island, he will shoot his rockets
to North America.

The man is such a hater. Yeah and like his waistline...Kim Jong Un' s streak of malice is a mile
wide. And it is unfortunate to realize that a turd that big won't be easily flushed. But he sure as
hell should be.

I am getting very disgusted with Trump's whining about some past act of alleged wiretapping. It's obvious that Donald The Dumbass wants us to focus on that instead of Kim Jong Un's
future missle strikes.

So now we have a narcissistic imbecile on one continent and an egocentric madman on another land

Guess who's stuck in the middle?

And all that most of the rest of us want is PEACE.

That is a word that I never found anywhere in the English version of the KCNA website today. Nor
did I find a way to communicate directly with the KCNA media, either. That's too bad. Because
today, on International Women's Day...that's exactly what I wanted to do: Send a copy of this post
to KCNA.

...with love and kisses, of course.



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