Sunday, March 26, 2017

They're Still Playing Baseball

                                                     DAN GLADDEN

He's two years younger than I am but light years ahead of me in several different ways. And
he represents why this Country still has some sanity left. I thought about that, today.

We are now living in a Nation where the number of shooters could almost fill a scorecard. Our
asinine "leader" is more blind than a one-eyed umpire. And that fool in North Korea makes
less sense than a drunk who passes out during the seventh-inning stretch.

But Dan Gladden has remained consistently outstanding: He is a former player in love with his
game and a permanent legend in love with life. The man has made every hit with the sharp eyes
of a competitor and has ended every test on his feet with his fist in the air.

Gladden is an inspiration. We need his wind beneath our wings, right now.

And for no particular reason it occurred to me today that Danny Boy still has not made
nasty headlines on TMZ or wrapped his ruined reputation around National Enquirer's Tabloid tree.

No, Dan Gladden broadcasts play-by-play action for the Minnesota Twins baseball team. He tags
along with the rest of the Winter Caravan during the off-season. He trains young hopefuls and
shares his common sense in the occasional classroom.

Yeah, as far as I know, Danny Gladden is not the type of person who will ever appear on
Dr. Phil.

And so as "the sound of guns" draws closer I think about that wave from a motorcycle. That
symbol of defiant freedom that hangs tough in the face of a threatening flat line. And I smile.

Yes, the guns are getting closer but somewhere else, they're still playing baseball. And as I
turn my back to the Fool on the Hill...I ask...take me out to the ball game, Dan.

Take me out to that ball game, again.

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