Tuesday, April 04, 2017

A Time To Kill

                                                  PHOTO/EDITS BY RUTH RADER
Spring is supposed to be a time of renewal...another chance to begin again. (And for those who wonder, the tiny house movement is my other obsession right now.)


But this year, April is opening
more than leaf buds and the petals of fragrant flowers. This time around...an evil is emerging and
it's growing.

I see it as a direct threat and after five minutes of thought, I am going to finish this
opening paragraph with a sentence that I never thought that I would include in this blog. Ever. I want someone to kill Kim Jong-un.

                                THE ATTACHED MESSAGE IN KOREAN IS FROM ME

After twelve years of posting in this blog, I am not sure what Google is going to think about that
last sentence. But I have posted it now and barring official legal action...the sentence is going to
stay right where it is.

If  that demented son of a bitch feels no remorse when he releases photos and videos of rocket launches...weapons that he intends to use to kill people en masse in this Country...then as far as
I'm concerned...that bastard is fair game. 

A couple that I know have a little baby girl (eight months old now) named Hannah Joy. She is
without a doubt one of the cutest babies on the planet. Hannah has bunny rabbit eyes and a
pair of dimples that could melt an angel's heart.

When I watch the nasty videos coming out of North Korea right now...I get really pissed.  And
then I want someone to blow Kim Jong-un's head right off of his fat neck. BOOM!

I sincerely hope that someone kills that P.O.S. soon. And let his bad intentions die with him.
This is my second post on this subject and it probably won't be my last.

The time for diplomacy is over. It's time to lock-and-load, America. It damn well surely is.

This post is for every eight-year-old who got off the bus today holding onto a crayon masterpiece
meant for her mom and dad. It's for every twelve-year-old boy climbing into a pickup truck with a
ball, glove and his mind focused on a dream. It's for the small business man who will have the
coffee ready in a small town tomorrow morning. It's for the woman drawing an incredible song
from the strings of a guitar.

Kim Jong-un lives in a Country of control and lies. He tries to hide what he considers to be undesirable and less than perfect. But thanks to savvy and brave photographers like Eric Lafforgue,
the truth about North Korea is being revealed...more and more every day.


May God watch over those courageous Americans who are standing ready on the "front line"
right now. May He give them the ability to protect those who respect what life is really about
and to flatten those that don't.



Anonymous said...

Are you alright? Hoping you are well, safe and sound.

Ruth Rader said...

Yes, I am as "well" as can be under the circumstances. Donald
Trump has a home, Kim Jong Unreasonable has a home, too.

I don't.

What's up with that?