Sunday, April 30, 2017

Ruthie On The Road, Update

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April was a very busy month for me. That's why I didn't post here...because I was on the

I left McMinnville, a screwed-up crazy lady and a list of broken promises at the
beginning of this month.

After spending some time on the Coast, I met a young man who
drives a U.P.S. truck. His mother advised me to go to a community in Northern California
where she swore up-and-down I would finally find some real answers to my permanent
housing problem.

So after they gave me a very bright lantern and a 2017 Road Atlas, I set-out to hitchhike
down to California. But some angels of the road met me before I left Oregon and we
ended up having an impromptu meeting at a local Sherri's restaurant.

We discussed my options while we ate dinner and then designed signs for me to use on the

Later that night they put me in a motel and the following afternoon, I ended up boarding an
Amtrak train bound for Auburn, California.

When I arrived in Auburn, I was told that I couldn't even spend a single night in their
shelter because I am not a legal resident of Pasco County or the State of California. In the
end, every claim that my friends in Oregon made turned out to be nothing but bullshit. Period.

I traveled from Auburn to Grass Valley to a creepy hamlet called North San Juan before I finally
recalculated and ended up in the mountain town of Susanville. And it was in that community that
I found a reasonable path out of California.

A man with a shaved head (he's a peace officer) drove me 100 miles in his big, black pickup
truck through the California outback to where I am now: Alturus, California.


I am in a motel here and have been for the past couple of days. I will leave here tomorrow. It is
pretty nice here and everything was easily arranged. I can see a green field below snow-capped
mountains outside of my room's window. I have a flat screen, plenty of food, lots of coffee, great
Wi-Fi and a very comfortable bed that I have been using to catch up on some much-needed

So Desiree Young is going after Terri Moulton, some Russians want Putin to step down,
Kim Jong-Unreasonable has his fat finger on the firing button and Donald Trump is pissing
people off again.

And I still don't have a decent place to live.


Whatever shall we all do?

Well, it has occurred to me that even if World War III starts today, I am still going to have to
get my laundry done.

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